Shalom – God’s plan for kingdom building


As a follower of Jesus Christ, I see my work at MEDA as a gift from God and an opportunity, through service to others, to offer worship to God. It is also an opportunity for me to express my gratitude to God for the gift of his son.

My specific area of work, fundraising is inherently a spiritual ministry – as Christians serving God we declare the ministry that God has entrusted to us and invite supporters to stand with us. We at MEDA are joined together in the vine of Christ with the clients we serve and our constituents supporting us. God is the fundraiser, our role is to sow seeds of opportunities for faithful stewardship and joyful generosity. The work that we do in serving our clients is serving Christ, at the same time, transformation is empowered by Christ.

One of the best definitions of poverty I’ve heard is that it is a spiritual problem. We know from the book of Genesis in the Bible that we are all made in the image of God. People living in poverty however have that image broken or damaged – the community around them, the world, tells them that they are lazy, that they aren’t capable, that they can’t be good stewards. But we also know from the book of Genesis that one of the first things God did was he created – so we have that creative DNA woven into our genes. We have the ability to create products, we have the ability to create successful businesses.

That is where MEDA’s approach to create business solutions to poverty comes in.

With the help of the generous donations of our constituents, we help people succeed in their business, we help them recapture that image of God – they learn that they are hard-working, they are capable, they can be good stewards. They can earn a dignified living, and they end up being able to provide for their families and raise the standard of living for their communities. And this moves us all towards that Biblical state of Shalom – God’s plan for kingdom building.

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  • Michael White is MEDA’s Chief Marketing & Development Officer. With over 12 years of fundraising experience and 100 million dollars of success in cultivating transparent, meaningful and trusting relationships, Michael is dedicated to journeying with people in realizing their philanthropic vision. Michael is passionate about listening to the knowledge, wisdom and values of MEDA donors and helping them discover the impact of their giving. An optimist, Michael is excited to help individuals and communities blend their philanthropic passions with ethical business. Michael believes that MEDA supporters are the key to MEDA’s success to create business solutions to poverty around the world.