MEDA’s values of interfaith harmony and love for God’s creation

Helal Ahsan-Ul-Haque, Country Director – Jordan

MEDA’s strategic direction is to contribute towards an equal world where people can unleash their inner potential and lead a dignified life. As a development professional, my motivation and inspiration are to serve humanity.

In my four years with MEDA, I have seen an environment where interfaith harmony and love for God’s creation are center points in all our work. MEDA’s tagline is creating business solutions to poverty — accordingly, MEDA develops and implements effective market-driven programs that assist millions of people around the world to realize their economic and social aspirations.

I feel satisfied and cherished when I see the economic and social emancipation of our clients’ livelihoods and smiles on their faces. I am so proud of being part of an organization like MEDA that relentlessly promotes love, dignity, racial, religious, and social equity. MEDA’s supportive culture embraces people of all colors, classes, and faith. My heart melts seeing the beauty of diversity that is sparkling in MEDA. To me, it is more impressive as this organization was formed by a group of Mennonites, and still, the organization believes in an interfaith approach and dialogue in development. In the past four years with MEDA, I have witnessed how MEDA upholds human dignity with an inclusive approach. I am indeed very proud of being part of MEDA.

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