How the Andres family is turning this year’s virtual Convention into a staycation

I think we can agree that this year’s move to a virtual Convention wasn’t what we had hoped for. While we gather, there are still many creative ways to get the best out of Convention 2021! 

For last year’s virtual Convention, MEDA supporters Janet and Ted Andres opted to watch from a local, downtown hotel room in their home province of British Columbia, and they plan to do the same this year. 

“We do plan on attending the MEDA Convention virtually this year while having a getaway at a local hotel. We were so looking forward to attending the Convention in person this year in Atlanta, especially knowing how much enthusiasm and hard work went into arranging it by the planning committee.   

We decided we could still enjoy the vibe of a Convention away by staying in a local hotel and focus on the virtual convention sessions without the distractions of home.   

This worked well last year and in between sessions we enjoyed exploring our city and dining out.  Of course, we’d prefer to be with our MEDA supporters and staff experiencing the convention together in person but this is a fun compromise to the reality we find ourselves in.” 

Although the Andres family really knows how to make the best out of local staycations, this doesn’t mean reserving a local hotel room is the only way to get creative. Think about ways you can spruce up your own living space, renting out another virtual watch space, or gathering at a fellow MEDA supporter’s house.  

If you’re hesitant about attending this year, the Andres’ have this to say: “Last year’s virtual Convention was seamlessly organized and a pleasure to attend.  If you’re considering attending virtually, don’t be hesitant, it’s still a great time to connect with MEDA friends, supporters and staff plus get updated on how MEDA continues to work globally in the pandemic empowering people to earn a livelihood and to creating business solutions to poverty.” 

If you want to register or learn more, check out our website here. This is a time to think outside of the box and ensure you have the best Convention experience! How are you going to get creative this year? 


Janet and Ted Andres have been involved in MEDA since the early 90’s. Ted served as a Board member and was engaged in the local Assets program. Both Janet and Ted have served as volunteers for MEDA internal audits and have participated in several MEDA tours. 

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