Connecting faith leaders to MEDA’s work to create business solutions to poverty

Young woman smiling in the foyer of a church

Since 1953, MEDA has worked with neighbors–near and far– to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in business, lift their families out of poverty, and support their communities.  Through partnerships and collaboration, MEDA ensures hardworking people around the globe can fulfill their God-given potential to earn a livelihood.  

As an organization founded in faith and supported by an association of Christians who actively pursue the expression of faith in livelihoods, MEDA offers their members opportunities to explore and journey with others as they strive to live out what it means to be “faithful in daily work.” 

In our newest initiative to foster discussion of faith and work, MEDA has recently launched various resources for churches to amplify their international ministries. Congregational Connections, a newsletter for faith leaders, is sent out on a quarterly basis and provides exclusive content to encourage their congregations to increase their impact around the globe.   

Resources are also available on MEDA’s website for individuals who are curious about incorporating their faith into work, including magazines, videos, prayer requests, and requests for speakers. For individuals who are interested in integrating their faith and support of MEDA’s mission, a new community of “MEDA Connecters” provides resources to engage with MEDA in their own congregation.   

To subscribe to Congregational Connections, view resources, and become a MEDA Connector, click here

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