Stories from the work MEDA does around the world.

Avoiding the Motherhood Penalty in the Jordan Valley

What gender-based constraints do women face when accessing training or skills upgrading opportunities? Do training invitations indicate inclusiveness of all women, especially those pregnant, breastfeeding or with children? The motherhood

GROW Intern Spotlight: Farida Latif

At MEDA’s GROW (Greater Rural Opportunities for Women) project office in Tamale, Ghana, we understand the importance of practical teaching opportunities, which is why both the Tamale and Wa GROW offices host

Myanmar: welcome to the Golden Land

When I moved to Canada at the age of 11 from the Philippines, I found the transition to a new culture and climate to be quite challenging. Being back in

Dream big – just ask Christina

We sat on a wooden bench in a small shop tucked in behind the bustling street of Bagamoya in Manzese, Dar es Salaam. We had walked past many similar shops

Gender inequality, power and accountability

This blog was originally published on Social Value UK. You can find the original article here. This is the first in a blog series exploring how we can tackle inequality through greater accountability.


Bringing Rural Cooking to the City

GROW women farmers had until Tuesday July 31 of this year to purchase new technology from the GROW technology fund. This fund gives them access to purchase machinery and supplies