Stories from the work MEDA does around the world.

MEDA donors #Move4MEDA across North America

With the COVID-19 pandemic making traditional summer gatherings and fundraisers impossible, five groups of our MEDA donors across North America still wanted to have an impact on making the world a


The beauty and power of philanthropy

The first time I truly understood the beauty and power of philanthropy was when a woman who was normally quiet and composed became so filled with passion that she ran

Woman watering a field

Can technology shift gender roles on the farm?

The Technolinks+ project in northern Nicaragua is equipping more women producers with the technological tools to help their businesses succeed and thrive while promoting greater gender equality within farming families. Through the

COVID-19: Moving From Response to Resilience

As experts working in market systems for the past 65 years, we have witnessed shocks and stresses before, in countries like Nicaragua, Ukraine, Haiti, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. We have