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Let us introduce you to our new interns!

At MEDA, we believe in the next generation of development professionals. That’s why we invest in their careers and help them to gain practical, hands-on international experience that compliments the skills

Does kindness matter over time?

I wish you could have met my godmother. I call her grandma as I have known her all my life. She was a stout German lady with kind eyes and

Paving the way in the Land of the Pure

The word Pakistan literally means “Land of the Pure” and I am blessed that, through MEDA, I am able to serve the people of my native country while enjoying what

La finance verte, c’est important!

This blog was originally posted in English. Read the original here. La finance verte, c’est important! Les températures battent des records de chaleur dans le monde entier. En fait, les températures de