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Thank you for your support.

Together we have reached the $50 million goal!

Four years ago, we took a leap together and embarked on an ambitious fundraising journey; to raise $50 million in private support over 5 years. Thank you for helping surpass that ambitious goal, six months ahead of schedule! Your investment in the Building Enduring Livelihoods Campaign is helping to create sustainable livelihoods for people experiencing poverty today. Your contribution has ensured that entrepreneurs around the world can better provide nutritious meals, warm and dry housing, decent clothing, and education for their families.

As project work at MEDA continues, your support will extend to over 10 million individuals, equipping people in countries throughout the globe with the tools, resources and business solutions they need to lift themselves out of poverty. In the coming months we look forward to updating you on the continued impact of your gifts.

Thank you for partnering with us, for your faith in MEDA’s work, and for your compassion to see striving entrepreneurs realize their God-given potential to earn a livelihood.

“I am so excited and proud of what everyone has accomplished together, and want to express my deep GRATITUDE for the generosity of our MEDA supporters, Chapter Hubs, community leaders - throughout the United States, Canada and Germany - and each of you who have been Champions of this campaign to build enduring livelihoods around the world.”

-Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President & CEO, MEDA