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Building Enduring Livelihoods campaign

MEDA’s business-solutions approach to poverty is having an amazing impact and garnering much attention. As a result, there are a growing number of opportunities to get involved – increasing impact beyond what we ever dreamed possible. Your financial gift is what makes this a reality!

An exciting opportunity to help 10 million entrepreneurs

Today, through our Building Enduring Livelihoods (BEL) campaign, we’re working to fund 31 major MEDA projects, which will help an estimated 10 million entrepreneurs lift their families and communities out of poverty.

Through this campaign, we’re looking to raise $50 million in private donor support, which will unlock over $300 million dollars from institutional funders to support this work. This means every $1 dollar given by private donors will be leveraged 7X in impact with matching funds from institutional partners.

MEDA around the world faces top

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In the United States:

Michael Miller
Sr. Director, Resource Development, Western U.S., 620-694-7497

Bethany Nussbaum
Sr. Development Officer, Central U.S. and Florida, 717-560-6546

Ruth Leaman
Sr. Development Officer – Campaign Director, Eastern Seaboard, 717-371-4580

In Canada:

Dean Shoemaker
Sr. Development Officer, Eastern Canada, 519-823-3033

John Goossen
Sr. Development Officer – Western Canada, 604-505-1911

Working together to reach our goal

We’re excited to report that, as of April 2019, we have:

  • $44 million in commitments
  • 6.4 million entrepreneurs and their families are living more dignified, prosperous lives

Together, we are still looking to secure $6 million in private donations to help 3.6 million families and reach our goal.

MEDA works with partners like you! We need sponsorship at all levels and thank you in advance for doing what you can to help us extend our reach – and help more people around the world build sustainable livelihoods!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has given to this campaign. Together we are making a real and lasting change in our world.