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From teaching us to walk, talk, and guiding us in our lives, our mothers shape who we are and want to become.

In a crisis, they’re also the ones who step up when things get tough: managing a family, work, and everything in between. COVID-19 has increased these challenges, reinforcing existing inequalities that women experience in the workforce and at home daily. Around the world, women do the majority of the childcare and unpaid labor within the household in addition to paid work outside of the home. Women living in the Global South face additional constraints to starting and growing businesses: social and gender norms that hinder their mobility, a lack of access to market and business information, and unequal access to capital. Constraints which undermine their chances of success.

That’s where you can make a difference — by equipping women with access to the financing, technology, and training needed to thrive in business.

Entrepreneurs like Phoebe.

Phoebe is an ambitious businesswoman who works in the peanut sector in Bauchi State, Nigeria. She works hard to earn a living and provide for her family. Yet, despite her diligence and determination to succeed, Phoebe found it difficult to grow her business because of the stiff competition in her community market. She also found it difficult to keep track of her savings and make connections in the business community.

Faced with challenges selling her peanuts in a crowded market, Phoebe began experimenting with flour, eggs, sugar, and baking powder to make peanut snacks, a new product in this market. After only a month, she noticed an increase in her income. Through her participation in a savings and loan group, supported by MEDA’s Nigeria WAY project, Phoebe became a Woman Sales Agent (WoSA) and a part of a group of like-minded businesswomen. This group learns bookkeeping skills, financial literacy, and formed a mutually supportive business network. The WoSAs in the network are business leaders in their communities, sharing market information, access to processing equipment and business knowledge and connections. Today, her own business is thriving, and she is a role model, supporting other businesswomen in her community to start and grow their own businesses.

Thanks to you, we see success stories like Phoebe’s happen every day.

But your support is needed now more than ever.

COVID-19 continues to echo throughout the world, shining a light on the important roles that women, especially mothers, play in our families, our society, and the economy. They are bearing some of the worst burdens of this pandemic.

You can make a difference, though.

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Your gift can ensure women small business owners have what they need to excel in business and earn a decent living wage. Give a gift that enables women entrepreneurs around the globe to fulfill their God-given potential to earn a decent livelihood and, like Phoebe, lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty.
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Join us as we work to eliminate poverty through business.