MEDA Annual Report - 2018

MEDA Annual Report - 2018

Executive view

For over 65 years, MEDA has continued to grow, learn and innovate. We remain steadfast in our aim to create business solutions to poverty.

FY18 has been a year of transition: We moved deeper into implementing newer projects, and concluding others. While we prepared to move to new offices in Waterloo, we also searched for a new CEO as Allan Sauder approaches retirement in December. We are excited that Dr. Dorothy Nyambi will be joining us Nov 26 as Allan’s replacement.

Allan’s departure comes at a time of significant strength for MEDA, having achieved – through the determination and hard work of our staff – a 23% increase in revenue over last year with enough reserves to increase the Sarona Risk Capital Fund by over $2 million. We served almost 103 million families through our work with 401 partners in 62 countries in FY18.

We are exceedingly grateful to our loyal and generous supporters, who gave 31% more than last year. It is truly remarkable and brings us ever closer to our five-year campaign goal of raising $50 million to help 10 million families.

In keeping with the convention theme of Intersections, we find ourselves at the crossroads of a compelling legacy with a future that promises exciting new horizons for MEDA – one that offers many opportunities to bring hope and sustainable livelihoods to millions more families living in poverty in many parts of the globe.

Tim Penner

“Every time I visit one of our field programs I come away more convinced than ever that unleashing entrepreneurial potential, especially of young people, is the most sustainable way to help poor families realize a better life. I am so grateful to have been a part of this for the past 31 years, and I know that the MEDA team under new leadership will continue to find new and creative ways to achieve even better results. I look forward to becoming a cheerleader.”

Allan Sauder