Strategic Plan: 2020 - 2025

Towards an Equal World

MEDA's Strategic Plan

For over 70 years, our work has been guided by the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to earn a livelihood and that unleashing entrepreneurship is a powerful way to alleviate poverty.

MEDA’s ambitious goal is to create or sustain decent work for a half million people in emerging economies by 2030.

The World Bank affirms that agricultural development is a powerful tool to stop extreme poverty, boost prosperity and ensure food security for a projected 10 billion people by 2050. Growth in agriculture is two to four times more effective in boosting incomes when compared to similar sectors. For this reason, private sector solutions are essential to achieve a prosperous agri-food ecosystem.

3 Principles that guide MEDA’s work

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market systems

Focusing on MEDA’s efforts on specific agri-food market systems in the Global South.

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MEDA commits to shared voice and power for all stakeholders in all aspects of work, with success defined based on local context.

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Partnership for system
level impact

Pursuing and creating opportunities which contribute to the long-term strategy goal.

MEDA has identified four strategic pillars which will focus our energies over the next five years:



Focus on women and youth in agri-food systems to create decent work.

Proof of Performance

roof of Performance:

Continue to put our clients first, ensuring that metrics help them make better decisions before sharing with other stakeholders.


Continue to learn from our successes and failures and share our learnings in innovative finance, agri-food systems, and private sector engagement.


Develop long-term programming and partnerships in focus regions and make disciplined decisions.

The heart of our strategy is to see people and communities transcend poverty through respected work opportunities or by improving existing jobs. We will contribute to the elimination of poverty and advance equality by aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Economic empowerment is essential for ending poverty and achieving the SDGs by 2030.

MEDA's Strategic Plan aligns closely with these six UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through this plan, built on our Theory of Change, we will help alleviate the impacts of inequality, climate change, and exclusion from markets to create sustainable, positive change in the lives of our clients around the world.

Towards an


Vision 2030