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The MEDA Board of Directors

The MEDA Board of Directors is composed of volunteer members who bring together diverse skillsets in areas including entrepreneurship, finance, business operations, and investment. The board develops and guides organizational strategy, provides governance oversight, and proactively monitors risk (fiduciary, operational, reputational, etc.). Members serve a maximum of three 3-year terms. Four core committees operate within the board: executive, finance, audit, and nomination. For more information on the work of each committee, click on the links below.


Jenny Shantz

Chair and Executive Committee Member / Ontario, Canada

Gregory Gaeddert

Vice Chair, Finance Committee Member, and Executive Committee Member / Kansas, USA

Karin Krahn

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and Executive Committee Member / Alberta, Canada

Gary Leis

Secretary and Executive Committee Member / Ontario, Canada

Board of Directors

Abe Fehr

Audit Committee Chair / Ontario, Canada

Albert Friesen

Past Chair and Executive Committee member / Manitoba, Canada

Andreas Quiring

Bonn, Germany

Bethany Fosdyck

Illinois, USA

Crystal Weaver

Nominating Committee Chair and Executive Committee Member / Pennsylvania, USA

Dallas Steiner

Ohio, USA

Donovan Nickel

Colorado, USA

Elke Horsch

Schwandorf, Germany

Jeremy Showalter

Nominating Committee Member / Washington, USA

Jim Alvarez

Finance Committee Member / Indiana, USA

Jim Miller

Audit and Nominating Committee Member / Florida, USA

John Schroeder

Nominating Committee Member and Executive Committee Member / British Columbia, Canada

Joyce Bontrager Lehman

New Hampshire, USA

Marianne Unruh

Audit Committee Member / California, USA

Myrl Nofziger

Audit Committee Member / Indiana, USA

Rick Martin

Finance Committee Member / Ontario, Canada

Verda Beachey

Audit Committee Member / Florida, USA

Yvonne Sieber

Nominating Committee Member / Kansas, USA

Zach Bishop

Finance Committee Member / Colorado, USA