Uganda | Cassava Seed System

uganda ag casavaMEDA is providing technical advisory services to the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) with the goal of creating a functional cassava seed system in Uganda.

The four key components of the project include: research for generation of breeder seeds, regulation and certification for quality assurance, production to meet the demand for both the seed and food requirements and commercialization as the incentive for increased household incomes for stimulating further production and ultimate sustainability are all working in tandem.

MEDA will assist NaCRRI and its sub-grantees in designing and implementing private seed multiplication models, training programs, marketing and demand creation, and economic analysis of the seed supply chains. This work complements, and will provide cross-country sharing with, MEDA's Mihogo Mbegu Bingwa (Cassava Seed Champion) commercialization project in Tanzania.


Project Quick Facts

Goal: Through its consultative role, MEDA will promote the private sector in the successful development of a functional seed chain in Uganda where cassava seed entrepreneurs will bridge the gap between research-led breeding programs and farmers, using market-based methods of production, sales and distribution of improved disease-resistant seed.

Reaching: 3,776

Funding: Subgrantee to the National Crops Resources Research Institute (a project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Project length: January 2013- December 2017




Tags: Eastern, Southern and Central Africa