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Though our work may take place in seemingly faraway places, MEDA supporters’ time, generosity and spirit fuels MEDA’s projects, staff and clients’ work. Join us!

It is now easier than ever to be a create social change close to home. You can join MEDA in eliminating one of the world’s toughest issues – poverty.

MEDA is an industry leader in creating innovative, sustainable business solutions to poverty. 

We have over 60 years of tried-and-true experience working in partnership with thousands of clients in dozens of countries. This work could not happen with support from partners, leaders and changemakers all over the world. Join us and become part of a community of like-minded individuals to network, learn, and create change and build a better future for others - together.

MEDA Convention 2019

MEDA's Network Hubs play a pivotal role in engaging and mobilizing supporters and participants for one of the largest gatherings of business professionals annually: MEDA Convention. Network Hubs act as the facilitators for Convention Grants. Check out everything you need to promote, manage, and distribute Convention Grants.

Stay in touch with what's happening with the MEDA Network

What is the Network?

The MEDA Network is an umbrella term for any supporter-led event or activity that promotes MEDA’s mission and vision. By joining the MEDA Network, you become a MEDA ambassador.

As a part of the MEDA Network, you might plan or participate in a one-night-only or limited-time-only MEDA event. This could be a MEDA get-together in your hometown, at your school, through your church, or in your own backyard.

You might also join the MEDA Network as a leader or participant of a Network Hub nearby. Or, you can start your own Hub!

What are Network Hubs?

Formerly called chapters, Network Hubs have been a MEDA staple in communities across the United States and Canada for over 30 years.

Hubs are ongoing committee-operated affinity groups. Think of Hubs as local clubs for anyone and everyone excited about MEDA’s life-changing work.

New_network_photo MEDA - The MEDA Network

These groups build awareness about MEDA in their local community through annual meetings, events and activities.

Get started today!

There’s a role for everyone at MEDA.

We want to partner with you to empower thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, farmers, employees and employers all around the globe.

Join us today in creating business solutions to poverty and join the MEDA Network!

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For U.S. inquiries, contact Vanessa at or 717.560.6546

For Canadian inquiries, contact Chris at or 226.499.8992