Equator Lead Firm Profile
Equator Kenya Ltd. is a privately-owned company incorporated in 2010 that exports premium quality ABE Chilies in the coastal region of Kenya. The company is involved in the production, collection, central drying and export of produce working with smallholder farmers as out-growers. The company purchases fresh chillies from a network of over 7,000 smallholder farmers; processes and packages them at their plant in Malindi, Kilifi and exports a fully traceable product to Europe, Japan and the USA.

Lead Firms Explained
Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has expressed interest in better understanding the ‘Lead Firm-centric Value Chain Development’ (“LF-VCD”) method as reflected in the approved Proposals and Project Implementation Plans (PIPs) for newly launched projects in Kenya and Tanzania and how this approach differs from the value chain development approach GAC is accustomed to seeing in the projects it funds, including others implemented by MEDA. This is referred to herein as the ‘Small Entrepreneur-centric Value Chain Development’ (“SE-VCD”) method. This paper first identifies how MEDA defines the term ‘Lead Firm’ and then describes the differences between these two methods and the reasoning for preferring, at times, to apply one rather than the other.

M-SAWA Flyer
This project will focus on promoting equitable economic growth by working with small and medium enterprises and small entrepreneurs in the agriculture, construction services and extractives. To maximize the project’s impact, activities will focus on locations with high levels of poverty and food in-security along Kenya’s two economic transportation corridors, Mombasa to Uganda and Lamu to South Sudan.

M-SAWA Project Overview
The Equitable Prosperity - Maendeleo Sawa (M-SAWA) project is a seven year, $28.7 million initiative funded/implemented by MEDA (supporters, partners and investors) with funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) which will run from 2015 to 2022.

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Sidai Lead Firm Profile
Sidai Africa (Kenya) Limited is a private sector, socially responsible enterprise operating in the livestock industry of Kenya with an aim of revolutionizing the provision of livestock and veterinary services to pastoralists and farmers in Kenya by creating a more sustainable and reliable service delivery model. Kenya currently faces challenges with substandard or counterfeit inputs in the marketplace, as well as, a technically underqualified retailer base. Sidai addresses this issue by selling quality crop and livestock inputs and services to over 100,000 farmers and pastoralists through 130 retail outlets in 32 counties in Kenya.

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Vert Lead Firm Profile
Vert Limited is a private, for-profit company established in 2006. Its core business is the production, grading, packing and export of fresh fruits and vegetables mainly to the European market. Vert’s business model is based on sourcing of fresh produce from small entrepreneurs (SEs), taking an integrated value chain approach to increase efficiencies right from farm-level production, through to aggregation, transportation, processing, and marketing activities.
Through its collaboration with MEDA as part of the M-SAWA project, Vert aims to expand its production capacity and diversify its product offerings, thereby improving both farmer incomes and company profits. This will be accomplished through various activities, including the establishment of 60 collection centers (benefiting 3,000 SEs), Global Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) training for 5,040 SEs and the establishment of processing facilities.