Private Sector Development

The world’s poor depend on markets.


The complex commercial systems where products are bought and sold can be the determining factor between health and sickness; between making money and going hungry.

The difference between poverty and prosperity often hinges on the equity and efficiency of the businesses that serve the poor. The Private Sector Development team at MEDA understands this. That is why we devote ourselves to technical excellence in market-led, private sector development. We are industry leaders in the key areas of value chain development, agricultural programming, inclusive financial services, business solutions for health and impact investing.

Our intersecting competencies include research and publishing, financial services, supply chain management, information technologies, monitoring and evaluation, scale-up, training, project design, and smart incentives such as vouchers for market expansion. We provide these services through sub-contracts, consultancies and long-term program management.

For 60 years MEDA has learned important lessons that we now apply to all of our private sector development programming. We know the best programs are led by market demand – not supply. We know it is better to build the capacity of local businesses and support organizations than to create new ones. And we know lack of credit is one of the biggest problems facing farmers and the businesses that serve them.