Ziauddin and MalalaFriday, Nov. 7, 2014, 8:00 pm
at the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Creating Human Dignity for Children
and Women: Education and
Economic Empowerment

Ziauddin Yousafzai, Pakistani human rights activist
and father of Malala

Saturday, November 8, 6:30 pm
Journey of Hope
Laura Ling, award-winning journalist and author

Not sure if you should attend MEDA Convention?

Lucy Brubaker from Telford, PA shares her first MEDA Convention experience:
"A few years ago I began getting emails and mailings with information about the MEDA convention in Calgary, Alberta. I thought this might be a good opportunity to learn more about MEDA and also rub shoulders with business leaders.

It was there that I first began to understand the impact that MEDA was having in the world. I was struck by the quality speakers and engaging seminars. I remember the opening speaker talking about integrity in the workplace. I remember eating a Ukrainian meal and learning about how life was improving for people in Ukraine because of MEDA's presence there. I remember Sunday morning speaking, Jane Hoober Peifer, talking about how entrepreneurs see opportunities, take risks, and empower people.

A highlight was sitting in the general sessions with people who in many cases were successful entrepreneurs themselves, committee to helping others break down barriers and finding ways to create business solutions to poverty."

Randy Schweitzer from Shenandoah Valley shares his first MEDA Convention experience:
"Conventions are not my typical way of spending hard-earned vacation days and the cost was a consideration. I have been involved with MEDA at the local level for several years and as a family we have donated to MEDA projects as Christmas gifts, but nothing gives a person the big picture like MEDA Convention does.

I came away from MEDA Convention with an expanded view of what I was a part of. The contrast between the management of an organization like MEDA and other programs that one reads or hears about in the news was stark. I had a limited idea of how a person's dollars can be multiplied to make maximum impact.

The convention really allows a person to hear first hand about the many projects all over the world that are bringing about positive change in the lives of so many people. The most exciting part of the convention for me were the stories, told first hand, during the session entitled "MEDA Year in Review." Our North American culture is results oriented, so hearing about the various success stories in different parts of the world was really inspiring.

You will have the opportunity to hear key note speakers deliver inspiring messages also meet many people who share similar life experiences - I promise your horizons will be broadened."