Private Sector Development - Health

Improving access to products that promote health and well-being

Tanzania Cassava Masava 269 v2Thanks to an innovative MEDA program, entrepreneurs in northern Tanzania are building sustainable solutions that solve localized malnutrition. Consumers in two regions afflicted by Vitamin A deficiency will soon be able to buy locally produced sunflower oil fortified with Vitamin A. Industry experts affirm that this is the first case of commercial scale fortification of natural unrefined sunflower oil at the small and medium enterprise level, leading to a highly palatable and affordable foodstuff for local consumers. MEDA’s electronic voucher technology, coupled with effective publicity, enable entrepreneurs to offer temporary promotional pricing to ensure tens of thousands of households try the new product.


Tanzania Cassava Masava 194 v2MEDA's approach is to leverage commercial resources to help overcome barriers to improved health systems. We specialize in logistics, supply chain management, distribution via smart incentives such as vouchers, and technology solutions such as GPS mapping and SMS messaging.

Whether linking women to maternal health services with insurance products, or alternative livelihoods for people with HIV/AIDS, MEDA brings a creative approach.