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You belong to many communities through ties to your location, work, family, faith, friendships, interests and choices. Each of us rely on these groups of people for love, support, compassion and personal growth. As we join more communities, we become more connected to those who surround us, and our web of potential impact multiplies. Each person can make a difference in their own way that, as it becomes part of a collective community, extends on a global scale - beyond what we can see and touch, or what we thought was possible.

As an association, we are working to spread awareness about MEDA and provide an arena in which to engage our community in the values behind our mission. We care deeply about those who believe in our work and we look for ways to share how your assistance has made a life-changing difference in the life of another. Use the updates below to see how your support is making an impact on individuals and their communities around the world. Take a seat and join our table - you are a part of our community!

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"Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little.
Others do a lot but don't talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live."
Jean Vanierdoes

Project of the Month:
To date, MEDA's project in Morocco has provided 50,000 youth with access to financial services to help them start their own business or become more employable - all to create a better life for their family.
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Stories of Change:
Meet Esma and Godfrey
Esma Khalilova in Ukraine and Godfrey Mulenga in Zambia are both serving as trailblazers in their communities through two different MEDA projects.
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MEDA Movie Theatre:
Conference Call with Helen Loftin
MEDA's Director of Entrepreneurship Development talks about the impact that Pathways & Pursestrings had on women in Pakistan.
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Spotlight on...
Joining Better Than Cash Alliance
President Allan Sauder explains why MEDA has pledged to increase access to financial services for the poor.
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On Board with MEDA

"What attracted me to MEDA is the sustainable, market-based approach."
Zach Bishop, MEDA Board Member (Colorado)

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Engage with MEDA

We are so grateful to have you as part of our MEDA community. MEDA is changing the lives of women and men like Esma in Ukraine and Godfrey in Zambia, who now are better providing for their families and bringing economic prosperity to their communities.

We hope you have found purpose and pleasure from your ties to MEDA. We encourage you to seek out new ways to become involved in our work - join a chapter, attend MEDA Convention, make a financial committment to support MEDA's work, visit a project in the field, promote MEDA to your networks or host a fundraiser for a project that brings new life both into a community overseas and to your own.

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